Frequently Asked Questions

Does Merch Cat have an Android version?  

Not yet.  It’s on our radar and we’re currently assessing demand for it as most artists use some type of Apple device.

Does Merch Cat work with my Square equipment? YES.

Merch Cat is compatible with all Square equipment include the mobile swiper, Square Stand, Contactless Reader and Chip.

Does Merch Cat work with my PayPal reader? YES.

Merch Cat is compatible with the PayPal Here mobile swiper only. It does not support PayPal’s chip or contactless equipment.

Can I transact using just cash?  YES.  To transact offline or just using cash, go to your Profile and make sure neither the USE SQUARE POS or USE PAYPAL HERE buttons are green (touch to put in the OFF {White} position). When green is visible, you are using a POS connection.  

Can I use Merch Cat if I operate in a country outside of the United States?  

Merch Cat can be used to transact in cash and card via PayPal Here (by manual card entry; see PayPal Here website for countries they support) in other countries as long as you are transacting in ONE currency. For example, if  you’re in the UK  and transacting in GBP, you would enter the inventory and sales prices into Merch Cat in GBP and it’s business as usual.  We DO NOT currently have a multi-currency option but will sometime in the near future.  

What is the ROAD INVENTORY Option for?  

If you are only taking a portion of   your total inventory on the road with you, you can designate this and sell only from your road inventory for those shows.  For example, if you have 1500 shirts in total stock but are only taking 500 on the road, you would designate 500 to Road Merch and your sales would be tracked off of those 500 in Road Merch.  

Can I have multiple users?

Yes – you can have as many users as you’d like.

If you’re using PayPal Here, for security purposes, you will have to designate multiple users in PayPal Here.  In PayPal Here, go to Settings/User Management /Add.  Here you can add users and set their user access.  Please note that they will sign on to PayPal Here with their USER ID that you set up, NOT their email address.   

How do I reset my password?  Log on to your account via our website at, go to Profile and update your password.  

How do I cancel/update my subscription or change my credit card information?  Log on to your account via our website at, go to Profile/Subscription Status and edit here. ****IMPORTANT- If you signed up via iTunes (the Apple App Store), you must also cancel there as well.

Does Merch Cat work with my online store? Merch Cat is currently for live show scenarios, but will have an online store integration sometime in the future.  

Can I use Merch Cat on my computer vs a mobile device?  Yes, Merch Cat has a user dashboard that you can log on to via our website from your computer or mobile device.  Here you can view your analytics and print, export or email your show settlement sheets. However, you cannot add inventory or shows, or sell from a desktop/laptop.