Featured Artists We Work With

"Merch Cat helped us source all the merch for our Pledge Music campaign so that we could maximize profit. We're a pilot artist on Merch Cat FAN, and excited to see how that helps increase our fan reach. We definitely recommend using Merch Cat for all your merch needs!"
-Magnets & Ghosts
"We use the Merch Cat platform to sell and manage merch at Hollis Brown's live shows, and it's kept us organized and knowing when we're running low on inventory. Merch Cat also helped us strategize to revamp our merch line, which helped bring sales up by 20% on their summer tour."
-Cindy DaSilva, The Rocks Management
"Merch Cat has been an amazing tool for us on tour and has completely legitimized our merchandise experience  for  fans.  Managing  our  inventory, keeping track of sales, and being a user-friendly application have all streamlined our merch table for us, letting us spend more time engaging with the fans rather than digging through crates for tshirts or CDs. That time is immensely valuable and can be the difference between a casual browser and a lifelong fan. Merch Cat let's us have it." 
-Glass Mansions